• Customized Packaging

    We blister pack medications based on facilities needs. This allows for compliant med passing and hassle free changes to patients medications.

  • Paper MARs & eMARs

    We provide paper med sheets for facilities to complete med passes. These can be customized to meet each facilities unique needs. Clarkston Pharmacy LTC also integrated with eMAR systems for facilities that require electronic records.

  • Hassle Free Billing

    We work directly with families and residents to provide monthly statements. We strive to keep costs as low as possible and make it a streamline process.


We work directly with hospices to provide the extra care needed at the most difficult times. We ensure all patients receive medications needed timely to ensure patient comfort.

Medication Reviews

Our pharmacist are able to complete medication and chart reviews for all patients. Call today to get your facility compliant or increase patient medication effectiveness.

  • New Patient

    For new patient at an existing facility, please fill out this form.

    New LTC Patient Form

  • New Guardian

    For all new patients, and those changing guardian information.

    Pharmacy Services Form

  • New Facility

    After speaking with pharmacy, please fill out this form for new facilities.

    New Facility Form