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Milky Way Tallow Cream

Milky Way Tallow Cream

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The moment you apply Milky Way Tallow Cream, its comforting aroma envelops your senses, creating a tranquil ambiance that helps unwind and relax. Perfect for your bedtime routine, this cream promotes a serene atmosphere, making it ideal for both adults seeking a peaceful night's sleep and children ready to embrace bedtime with open arms.

Embrace the enchanting journey that Milky Way Tallow Cream offers and allow its nourishing properties to revitalize your skin, transforming it into a soft, luminous canvas. Experience the power of nature's finest ingredients as they come together in perfect harmony, providing a moment of blissful indulgence at the end of your day.

Ingredients: Grass fed and finished beef tallow, cold pressed oils; olive and orange, essential oils; vanilla, and lavender - 1% essential oil dilution

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